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British Columbia is a province of the state of Canada. It was one of the first to legalize online casinos in the country, opening the first online casino in 2010. In principle, there is no gambling license as a full-fledged definition in Canada, because online gambling is completely monopolized by state corporations. And the system of regulation and licensing is quite strange and confusing.
However, there is a division of gaming policy, and the right of the application, which will serve as the regulator and Supervisory authority of the gambling industry in the territory of British Columbia.  

The Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch British Columbians review

British Columbia is a province of Canada. The exact date of the foundation is not specified in official sources. Therefore, we will consider the year 2010 since the opening of the first legal online casino in the province.
In Canada, perhaps the most complicated system of licensing of gambling. Each province has the right to establish a regulatory body. In British Columbia, it is the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch (GPEB).
The controller operates in accordance with provincial law "On gambling oversight". Also in its work GPEB is guided by: "Regulations on the control of gambling" and "the Criminal code of Canada". It is worth noting that the regulator is inextricably linked to BC Lottery Corporation, which owns the site PlayNow.com. It is on this resource that gambling on the Internet is recommended to citizens of British Columbia. That is, in fact, it is the only licensed site.
With all this, Colombians can play in other casinos that do not have a license from the local regulator. Although in 2016, a number of other provinces began to block foreign online casinos.
The regulator not only oversees the implementation of legislation in the field of gambling but also performs functions to protect players (social responsibility). A number of activities aimed at:

  • Inform the public about the risks associated with gambling;
  • Organize gambling in a way that encourages responsible gambling and informed choice;
  • Providing treatment and support to those affected by gambling. 

License types of The Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch British Columbians

In British Columbia, gambling licenses are required for land-based gambling. The Casinoz team focuses on this, as online gambling in the province is actually monopolized by BC Lottery Corporation.

  • Class A – necessary if the gross income of the company exceeds $20,000.
  • Class B – required by the organizers if their gross income is less than $20,000.
  • Class C – purchased when gambling is held at various exhibitions, fairs.
  • Class D – required by the organizers, if their gross income is less than $5,000.

To fully understand the licensing process in British Columbia, it is necessary to know how the licensing principle in Canada works.
The state is divided into provinces. Each province has its own regulatory body for the gambling industry. In most of them (provinces), a lottery Corporation is created, which in addition to monopolizing online gambling is awarded the right to control the gambling market of the province. In fact, the state regulator controls the work of the Corporation.
Naturally, corporations create online sites (in fact it is an online casino). Sign contracts with developers of video slots for online casinos. And players Canada that Spain play only on such sites. The main thing that they would be licensed by any state regulator of Canada (any province).
In addition to licensing, you must pass the certification procedure. This process is necessary:

  • The casino employees
  • Providers of gambling
  • Gambling equipment

It should be noted that in 2016 a number of proposals aimed at radical changes in the online gambling market in the country were developed. In particular, it was proposed to license foreign institutions. In the absence of a local gambling license, block access to such a site. 

Dispute resolution

On the official website of the regulator, there is no specific mention of working with complaints of players on the online casino. But there is a special section: "Reporting Gambling Wrongdoing" in which you can send your complaint (report an offense on the part of the casino). You can also send an appeal to the email: [email protected] or call toll – free 1 800 663 – 7867.
But the complaint should be filed only on the institution licensed in British Columbia. In general, this is a positive aspect, as it is possible to use local legislation and resolve issues in civil courts. 

Regulator licensed casinos

Only one site is available PlayNow.com. 


Online gambling in Canada is strictly regulated by the state. Due to its monopolization by various corporations, other companies are not allowed to enter the country's market. Although it would create quite healthy competition and contribute to the improvement of the industry.
Specifically, the online gambling industry in British Columbia is the introduction of the BC Lottery Corporation. On its website, it offers a variety of games ranging from video slots to bingo. 
Casinoz believes that at the moment, the regulation of the gambling industry in British Columbia is in an impasse. Perhaps after the adoption of amendments to the legislation and licensing of foreign casinos, the situation will change.

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