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Autorité de régulation des jeux en ligne (the Online Gaming Regulatory Authority) was founded in 2010. The competence of the organization is the regulation of online operators and licensing of Internet institutions. Ministry of internal Affairs of France deals with licensing offline casinos. In general, the situation in the gambling sphere in the territory of the state is rather ambiguous. On the one hand, it is within the framework of regulation, on the other there are several organizations that control and issue licenses, and this complicates the licensing procedure. It is also worth noting that not all types of gambling entertainment are available online.

Autorité de régulation des jeux en ligne review

Until 2010, online gambling was banned in France. The impetus for changes in this market was the investigation of the European Commission, which occurred in 2005. Casinoz team clarifies, since France is part of the European Union, therefore, the legislation must comply with EU standards and not infringe on the interests of other members (companies) of the Union. In 2007, the Commission, having carried out an analysis of the gambling market, urged France to make a number of amendments to the existing legislation.
Two years later, in 2009, the government submitted a draft of a new law on gambling. And on may 12, 2010 this normative act entered into force.
Due to the changed legislation, the French gambling market has become more open to third-party companies wishing to organize gambling on the territory of the state, including the Internet space. But this is not all innovation. Simultaneously with the new law, the organization Autorité de régulation des jeux en ligne (the Regulatory body for Online Gaming) appeared, it became responsible for licensing of Internet gambling operators.
However, changes in the industry have not fully opened up the gambling market in France from the point of view of operators and players themselves. The Republic legalized only the following types of gambling via the Internet: betting on horses, sports betting, poker. And this is a rather strange decision. Online casinos with slot machines are prohibited in the country. By the way the placement of slots in gaming halls became legalized not so long ago. The government justifies the ban on video slots, "their great ability to cause gambling addiction."
Autorité de régulation des jeux en ligne (ARJEL) carries out a number of activities aimed at combating the consequences of gambling addiction. The official website of the regulator provides information and contacts for anonymous assistance to players, as well as links to relevant sites. ARJEL obliges licensed operators to inform players about self-exclusion and methods of obtaining assistance.
Controller functions:

  • issue permits and ensures operators comply with operating principles
  • protection of vulnerable groups
  • ensure the safety and integrity of the gameplay
  • fight against illegal websites
  • combating fraud and money laundering

Organizational structure:

  • No more than 7 principal members, chaired by the President
  • Sanctions Committee composed of 6 justices of the peace
  • Specialized commissions, if any.

The terrestrial sphere of gambling entertainment is licensed and regulated by the Ministry of the interior of France.

License types of Autorité de régulation des jeux en ligne

Depending on the type of activity of the company wishing to obtain a gambling license, it is necessary to apply for a certain type of license:

  • Les paris hippiques – license for the possibility of organizing betting on horse racing. 
  • Les paris sportifs – sports betting license
  • les jeux de cercle – poker license

Regulation in the terrestrial sphere of these types of gambling is the responsibility of the Ministry of internal Affairs. Regulation of the Internet is the organization ARJEL.
The online gambling license is valid for five years. Also, companies applying for licensing must undergo the procedure of certification of gaming equipment in accordance with certain technical requirements. In some cases, this causes difficulties, for example, if a company wants to open a poker room developed by Microgaming, in this case, in fact, the technical certification must pass the company Microgaming, so acts as the developer of the solution.

  • Bingo is licensed by the game format of Bingo.
  • Loterie – different types of lotteries are licensed.

Licenses for Bingo and Lotteries are issued by the Ministry of the Interior with the assistance of the Ministry of Economy, Finance, and budget of France, regardless of the method of providing access (online and offline) to the games. Note that the national lottery is completely monopolized by the state and is managed by La Francaise des Jeux. Also, this organization participates in the licensing of companies applying for the organization of the lottery. Recently, a proposal was made to privatize the company.
Gambling licenses for online casinos offering access to video slots (slot machines) are not issued, because this type of gambling entertainment is prohibited. Slot machines in land-based casinos are allowed to be installed only on condition of access to any table game (roulette, poker, blackjack, etc.).)
Taxation of gambling in France depends on the income of the institution. The amount of monthly contributions ranges from 10 to 70%. In addition, there are indirect taxes, for example, in online poker, it is necessary to pay 0.2% of social contributions from each bet.

Dispute resolution

France's online gaming regulator does not deal with player complaints about online operators. Customers of gambling clubs will have to resolve disputes on their own, using the legislation of the country, for example, apply to civil courts or the Department of Consumer Protection.

Regulator licensed casinos

In total, no more than ten operators officially work in France in 2019: Bwin, Betclic, Pokerstars, and others. These companies offer to bet on sports events or play poker on the Internet.


The gambling regulator in France (Autorité de régulation des jeux en ligne), according to Casinoz, does not fully perform its duties. Of course, its creation entailed legalization and development of the Internet gambling industry in the Republic, but not to the full extent (online video slots are prohibited). It is also unclear why having all the legal resources to license and regulate the work of operators, the regulator does not work with complaints of players, because it makes gambling more transparent and honest. Perhaps a clear separation of online and offline licensing is a good solution (land-based casinos are regulated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs), but in this case, the implementation of this principle is not quite successful.

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